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Repurposed Table – Yard sale find.


Okay, so I am a dodo sometimes. I forgot to photograph the before shot of this first attempt to repurpose a table. Just know that it was really plain Jane, a raw wood table. The green paint really appealed to me this particular day. I still like it and am proud of my little table.

I rough sanded the entire table, cleaned it with a damp cloth and let it dry for an hour or so.
I then used a oil based primer, I used the primer sparingly, a thin coat was all it needed. I let it dry over night.
I applied a thin coat of the green paint and let it dry overnight. I applied another thin coat the next day.
I sanded around edges to give it a slight distressed look. I wiped it clean then applied the Citrus polish wax. after the wax clouded up I buffed the wax out. It leaves a nice smooth touch.  This piece if for sale…make me an offer.

French Provincial Night stand turned “Shabby Chic”


I was busy at work and a friend called and said you need to get to Harbor City, my friend is having a yard sale! I said save stuff for me! She knows I enjoy repurposing wood furniture as a hobby or for lack of a better term…Therapy! She was right, there was great wood furniture that was 50 years old so. When anyone wanted to buy a piece she either sat on it or said it was sold. She is so funny and I am so grateful, because I got a truck load of furniture for $100.00. I save all my coins and roll them up to use for yard sale finds, my little savings really paid off! I have a set of night stands that I am repurposing shabby chic style, here is the before and after photo of the project. I still need to do the dresser with mirror and headboard. I can’t wait to see the end result! Here is how I did it.

First I sanded down the entire piece, not all the way down, but put some grit on it.
Then I wiped it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. I let it dry for about and hour.
I applied a thin coat of an oil based primer.
Let that dry a couple hours.
Then I applied Americana Décor Chalky finish paint. I applied very thin coats going with the grain. I let it dry over night then applied another thin coat and let it dry over night again.
Once the piece was completely dry I took sandpaper pieces and sanded in places where it would naturally get distressed or where I thought distressing would look good.
The last step was to apply Citrus Shield premium paste wax. You apply a small amount and wait till it clouds up then you buff it out.
Voila…you have a shabby chic piece of furniture! And it cost less than a therapist! It goes great with a nice glass of wine! :)

A True Pristacular Find!

blue moon boutique

Today when I was out and about I came upon a tiny little strip shopping center in West Garden Grove. There were several shops that I visited, one of them was a adorable flower shop called Weeds & Company Florist, they are a mom and pop style shop and it is just perfect. The web site is Check them out! You won’t regret it.

The second find was a little sandwich shop called, A Bite of Jersey! Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches with real Whizz! Homemade goodness! The owner is super nice and his place has televisions so you can watch sports events. There is plenty of room to sit and eat and enjoy a glass of wine or ice cold beer with your meal. You won’t be disappointed with this sandwich shop!

My final find of the day is a unique shop called Blue Moon…a philanthropic boutique. A super chic boutique with something for everybody. They carry candles, scarfs, handbags, clothing, jewelry and unique gifts! It was love at first sight! The owner Patti Blake is absolutely charming, and appears to be a kind and giving small business woman. “Blue Moon supports local charities by donating a certain percentage of proceeds from monthly sales. Since opening the doors in 2012, Blue Moon has donated over $40,000.00, to local charities.” Visit their website at under, “Giving Back.” I will certainly shop at Blue Moon when I need a quick and unique gift, or a guilty pleasure for myself. Simply Prisstacular!

You can find all of these shops at 5238 Lampson Avenue, Garden Grove, California.

Chicken and Shrimp Stir Fry

get-attachment (2)

This was a simple and tasty stir fry!
Ingredient List….
1/2 pound of large shrimp, cleaned and deveined
2 thin chicken breasts sliced into small pieces
1 cup of broccoli florets
1 large carrot peeled and sliced thin round pieces
small yellow bell pepper sliced into thin pieces
1 cup of Chinese pea pods
1/2 sweet onion sliced thin
small can of water chestnuts rinsed and drained
fresh basil – 3 large pieces
1 jalapeno sliced with seeds removed.
4 tablespoons sesame oil
salt to taste
soy sauce to taste

add the sesame oil to a hot frying pan or wok… whatever you have available.
add the chicken and cook for approximately four minutes until no longer pink. Remove and place on a plate.
add shrimp and cook while tossing around for a few minutes. Shrimp cook very fast. Remove and put with Chicken.
add remaining vegetables to the pan, if needed add a bit more oil and sautee for a few minutes…add a few splashes on soy sauce and a pinch of salt. You want the veggies fork tender, and have a little bite to them still. Introduce the chicken and shrimp to the veggies, toss about and you are ready to enjoy!
Feel free to serve on a bed of rice or with noodles. I choose to leave out the carbs. Bon Appetite!

Tim McGraw Concert May 2014

Having a blast!

Having a blast!

#Tim McGraw

The Tim McGraw show at the Verizon in May did not disappoint! Madison and I were given tickets to enjoy this artist who we both love! We sat 3rd row and enjoyed every moment of the show from the opening acts of #Cassadee Pope and #Kip Moore, both of which were amazing. We sang along to every song until we couldn’t speak. I must say standing side by side with my daughter singing along to country music is just paradise for me! It is hard to imagine that she is going to be 21 in a few short months! I raised Madison on all kinds of music, from the Temptations, to Motley Crue to Tim McGraw etc. All of which are favorites of mine! She has true music in her veins, and music is her happy place! Back to Mr. Handsome McGraw…What an entertainer! He gives it his all, you can see in his performance how much he loves what he does, it is in his soul. Through his music and storytelling you can imagine your life in so many of the scenarios that he is singing about and it turns the music event into a experience. A part of the concert I really enjoyed was the video montage of behind the scenes and of his wife Faith Hill and daughters. On the large screen you see the love and commitment he has for his family and it makes you appreciate him not only as an artist but of a man a true man who has enormous respect for family. So all in all I would rate this concert a 10+! This is my third time seeing Tim and it certainly won’t be my last. Someday I would like to see him in concert in another state. That would be awesome…Bucket List!!! See you at the next show!