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Mango-Pineapple Salsa



1/2 fresh Pineapple
1 whole ripe mango
2 Serrano chilis
1/2 sweet maui onion
1/3 cup fresh cilantro
squirt of fresh lime
Salt to taste

Carefully cut out the center core of the pineapple and cut into spears. Cut into tiny pieces and set in a bowl.
next peel the mango and take out the seed. Cut up into tiny pieces like the pineapple, add to the bowl.
Mince the Serrano peppers and add to the bowl
Mince the onion and add to the bowl
Finely chop the cilantro and add to the bowl
Give a squirt of lime to the mixture and add a bit of salt to taste.
Mix all together and there you go a nice fresh salsa that goes great with all sorts of dishes, shrimp tacos, salmon, etc.

My Famous Fresh Salsa

image This is my award-winning salsa. I always make it for all my friends and family! Isn’t it funny how it is the same ingredients typically and each person makes it so different. Here are my ingredients, and the process which is super easy! I hope you enjoy it with the special people in your life as I do. Bon Appetite!


2 plastic containers of Campari Tomatoes
1/2 Sweet onion (finely minced)
3-4 Serrano Chilis (finely minced) more or less depending on your level of heat. I like it hot!
1/2 cup of chopped fresh cilantro
squeeze of fresh lime
garlic salt to taste
salt to taste

slice tomatoes very thin and chop into tiny pieces. Add the rest of the chopped and minced ingredients. Add a little of the salts and taste as you go. You don’t want to over salt this fresh and tasty salsa. Sometimes I add cubes of Avocado! It is yummilicious either way. So enjoy!!!! Goes great with an ice-cold summer beverage of your choice.

How do you de-compress?

imageDo you ever feel the pressure of life piling up on your chest to the point it feels like you are suffocating? I used to let pressures, and stupid things get to me. I don’t anymore, I realized that the things that matter and the people who matter will always be here by my side. All negative influences or “evil,” will dissipate with time. It is such a freeing feeling to know that you are in control of your life, no one else. No one can take your happy and you are in control of your peace of mind. If you are spending time with someone who has more evil thoughts in a day than positive, productive ones, then perhaps you have wasted enough of your time and energy on a lost cause. Run for the hills like you are naked on fire and rid yourself! It is sheer serendipity to lose the weight of the unnecessary.
To de-stress, I have found that simply walking clears the mind, listening to your favorite tunes, going back to certain places in time with a breeze on your back does wonders. You just have to quit feeling sorry for yourself and get off the couch! I’m going to give yoga a shot and perhaps meditation, I am into trying new things, especially when it is good for my mind and body. My daughter (the love of my life), and I have a refreshed, conception on how our life is going to move forward. It is going to be filled with new adventurous experiences, happy people, and lots of laughter. As a matter of fact that is exactly how we have been living free and happy. You should try it. What kinds of things do you do to decompress?

Pat Benatar and Berlin at the OC Fair

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Opportunities knock and when they do you need to open the door! I made myself a promise a couple of years ago that I would not live a stagnant life, that I would lead a full and fun life no matter what negative devices are thrown at me. My very good friends Kim and Scott bought tickets to the Pat Benatar and Berlin concert at the OC Fair, my BFF Jenny and her Boyfriend were to join them, well boyfriend got called into work and voila I was invited to be her date…lol. When she called me I did not hesitate, the feeling of high school came over me as I listened to these artists growing up.

It was a very hot day luckily the evening turned out to be simply beautiful, a little warm but a perfect night under the stars. We were anticipating the great music from our pasts while the slight smell of marijuana and kettle corn tinted the air. The amphitheater was filled to capacity as Berlin took the stage, this band takes me back to 1983 driving shot-gun with my friend Lisa in her Berlinetta listening to Sex…Get it Berlin…in a Berlinetta? All of the songs by Berlin take me back to specific times in my life, incredible memories of some awesome friends that I can proudly say I am still in touch with. Songs like Metro, Sex…(I’m a), Take my breath away, Masquerade, No more words, etc. All great new wave songs that will always hold a special timeless place in my heart. Terri Nunn the lead singer still has an incredible stage presence, she is gorgeous and her pipes are still relevant! Who would ever think that Terri is 52? Not me, more like 32! She graced the stage with her dance moves and sang her heart out while me and my friends danced under the stars singing every word. Bravo Berlin!

Happy Anniversary to Pat Benatar and her Hubby Neil Giraldo! 32 years of wedded bliss was celebrated with all the fans that showed up to see this legendary performer. Just as I said about Terri Nunn, Pat Benatar is 61 years young, and she looks incredible! Work and play with Neil obviously has done their marriage good! They have a certain sweet chemistry on stage. Pat’s voice is just as flawless as it was in the 80’s and she can hold a note! It was so fun hanging with my friends, dancing and singing just like the young girls we once were. The old feelings and memories of what I was going through when certain songs were played just made me grateful that I am where I am now! I am grateful that I had this chance to listen to the beloved songs from my teenagehood, songs like, Hit me with your best shot, Love is a battlefield, We belong, heartbreaker, Invincible…etc. Awesome performance! Thank you my friends who invited me to this event! So much fun! Next….Motely Crue and Alice Cooper! The final tour of one of my favorite bands.

What is on your Bucket List? Here is a sample of mine!

Here is a little appetizer of some of the amazing things that are on my bucket list. They are not necessarily in order. I am going to try my hardest to accomplish all of them! Most of all I want Happiness and POM (Peace of Mind). Good health for myself, family and friends. LOVE!

Before I get to my list…My numero uno thing would be to go on a road trip to everywhere with my daughter, to see things and do things we’ve only dreamed of. Madison wants to travel all over and I can’t wait to experience everything with her for the first time and see things through her eyes….

I want to cuddle with a baby animal such as a bear cub or baby tiger. They are so primal and sweet, I have wanted to do this all my life. I love all animals!

I want to throw a casual but beautiful clam bake for a fun group of friends on a warm summer evening.
clam bake

How about a romantic horseback ride with the man I love? It doesn’t matter what location, I have always loved horses! It’s so fairytale like, call me a hopeless romantic!

How about a romantic whirl in Bora Bora? A love nest hut on the water! Makings of an unforgettable holiday!

Sampling wine through Tuscany would be a trip of a lifetime! Trying fresh Italian cuisine and taking in the beauty of the countryside!

I have always dreamed of racing in the pro-celebrity race in the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach…I KNOW I will not be able to obtain this one as I am not a pro or celebrity. Hey…a girl can dream!

There are so many more things on my list, such as going to the Kentucky Derby so I can wear a fabulous Hat and sip on mint juleps and wager on the winning horse…win, place or show! A win would be preferable! Or go to concerts or sports events in another state. Etc……What kind of things are on your bucket list?

Does true love exist?

I have a question…Does true love really exist? My entire life my favorite thing in the world was love, the thought of it, achieving it, living it and losing it. But, is it true love? Can you spend year after year with someone you married and at the time think you are in love…or are you convincing yourself? Does love talk down to you, trick you, take advantage of you, mock you, tear you down and then bring you back up out of guilt? Isn’t love supposed to be kind, loving, considerate, comforting, generous, and proud? I know from personal experience about love gone wrong, but I am still a believer, perhaps a little cynical but nevertheless a believer. I have been observing couples for a long time, paying attention to how they tick, how they behave in mixed company. I see the buddy-buddy couples, the can’t keep their hands off each other couples, the cuss each other out fighting couples and the husband who will hold his wife’s hair after too much wine couple or on the rare occasion the perfect for each other couple. Do I think love is disposable? No, but there comes a time when you realize too many years have gone by and happiness is a distant memory. Change needs to happen for both people, its only fair. I think that it is so easy nowadays for the disposable relationship and it seems the hearts of many have hardened. It is a scary thing to open your heart to someone new, taking a chance on potentially losing more time. I know some lovely couples, of course I am not there in the trenches at home with them and I know that no relationship is perfect, but for the most part in my eyes they are. I have several divorced friends and some of them have found new, unconditional wonderful love, while others are dealing with the disposable relationship thing that has taken over the singles world. Very frustrating for many, and trust is a huge thing. People need to be themselves and be honest and not dangle people along or treat them shabbily. I don’t know, it was just a thought that came to my head, and I thought I would briefly write about it. What is your opinion about love and relationships.

Linda Palmer-Cardone Interview

ourfathergroupphoto_2photo_1 I was honored to be able to interview the talented Linda Palmer-Cardone for my Inspiring person for July. It was a great treat to pick the mind of someone I admire so much! I met Linda last October 2013. A longtime friend of mine, Chris Clad, did still photography for a couple of Linda’s films and he introduced us. Linda’s film Halloween Party was released and they had a screening in Long Beach. Linda and her husband Mark both love Halloween; they were even married on Halloween. I had the priviledge of making their wedding cake. Mark complimented me by saying the cake was, “Epic!” That made my heart happy; making a cake for someone on such an important day does bring the stress level up. Thankfully they loved it! Linda and I casually spoke at her quaint kitchen table in Belmont Shores. She graciously allowed me to ask whatever I wanted. My main focus was her inspiration and drive to do what she does for a living. Linda created Runaway Productions. I asked her how she came up with the name and she told me she ran away from home when she was 15 years old. She lived with a family friend until she graduated high school. This is when Runaway Productions was born. I did not want to pry into why she was a runaway because I didn’t feel it was pertinent to my interview and frankly none of our business. Linda was working with Children of the Night, a non-profit that helps get kids off the streets and protects them from sex trafficking, prostitution and many other elicit crimes. Her first production experience was producing PSA’s, (Public Safety Announcements), which she did for Children of the Night. Linda did eight episodes for the non-profit based out of Los Angeles. She learned commercial production from UCLA extension courses. First, she produced commercials and industrials who needed training videos or for businesses and restaurants. Linda’s work grew from there. She has written many features, and a couple shorts. I have viewed one short in particular, “Our Father,” which stars Michael Gross from Family Ties, and Michael Worth who has acted in many films such as God’s Ears and War Wolves and from what I have seen it is gripping and moving. It is my opinion that it will do very well in the film festivals! I dropped off some cupcakes one day while shooting and got the opportunity to meet a lot of the cast and crew, and I must say everyone involved was so kind! I could tell they all were happy being part of the production. I know I am! I asked how she retrieves her ideas for a film and she said it can be from something someone says, or something she reads or from television. When a little seed comes to her she waits to see if it stays with her a couple days; if it does she will write a 1-3 page synopsis, and if it’s still stewing then she will write a 30 page treatment. From there she writes scenes to see if it has legs. Linda’s strength is not necessarily directing; she believes her strength is coming up with ideas that have commercial viability. She likes strong ensemble films such as Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire. and The Big Chill. These films were all favorites of mine growing up! It’s kind of strange that she is doing a short. However, Our Father can be written easily into a feature and hopefully it will. The story of Our Father, is a personal story from within her family. Here is the synopsis…”A heartbreaking and provocative story set in the confines of a small bathroom, as Jared’s world gets smaller and more controlled by a man he doesn’t know. His Dementia stricken father, John. In the midst of the insanity, discarding and cleansing, a brief moment of clarity offers John the portal to share his past terrors and agony, and in so doing gives Jared and the rest of the family a place to start healing. Kate, Jared’s supportive yet assertive wife gives him some reprieve by taking control of John’s bullying while their son, Danny adds a tender humility and shows a strength beyond what anyone expects in a teenager taking care of a monster.” Because Linda just completed filming Halloween Party when she began production on Our Father, she needed to fundraise to pay for the expenses that go along with filming. She learned that by fundraising in this manner, opened up a portal for spreading the word on her work and projects. Donations came pouring in and mainly from people who have loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimers. Linda was surprised with a outpouring of emotional and financial support to make this powerful film. I got to hear the original song that was made for the film and I just have to say that is what gave me goose bumps. It was perfect! Writing and producing is her passion, while directing just fell into her lap. Linda wasn’t comfortable with directing in the beginning, but has learned to trust herself and her vision. She wants to have fun and not be overwhelmed. Linda believes that anyone who has a passion for writing, producing or directing should enroll in Screenwriting U. It trains people how to write, pitch and sell the work. A co-producer of Our Father, Guy Grossman runs Screenwriting U as well. She couldn’t say enough great things about the course. Linda’s next project is…”Last call at Murray’s.” Stay tuned!

Thank you Linda for sharing a part of yourself and your vision with me. I am inspired and honored to be considered a friend of yours. I am rooting for your film to kill it at the Film Festivals! Sending positive vibes and prayers! Thank you, Thank you!

My juices start flowing and I get excited when it comes to writing stories. Linda and I both agree if you are gifted and have the passion you should follow your dreams. We chatted about our daughters and how we have the same belief that one of the ways to be happy in this crazy world is to make sure you can make your work your passion, otherwise its just a job.

Nifty Bathroom Decoration for dollars

lotion shelfI  needed a wall decoration for my bathroom and since I am on a budget, I just couldn’t afford go buy whatever I wanted so I took my time and scored!  I found a little shelf at a yard sale, brought it home and sanded and beat it up to give it a more distressed look.  I while strolling through Home Goods, (my favorite place to wonder around and day dream of decorating),  I came across three nice bottles of hand soap and lotions by the Hobo Company.  They look like they belong in a apothecary cabinet.  They were discounted for a couple bucks each!  Yay!  A week or so after these finds I found my final pieces to complete my project.  While at Target they had a bag of smooth earth toned pebbles discounted at $2.50 per bag.  I grabbed one and took them home and filled two glass cylinder’s I had laying around.  I hung the shelf and placed each item how I thought they looked best, and voila a new bathroom decoration that is functional and well as fashionable.  Total cost $10.50!  I got a lot of bang for my buck and that’s how I like it!  What kind of little projects can you share with me?

Hostess Gifts


Hostess gifts are a timeless and thoughtful gesture that I don’t feel is practiced or appreciated anymore. I myself, love to give a little creative something, something to the host or hostess. A lot of us are on a budget so thoughtful gifts don’t necessarily need to break the bank. You can use a basket or any cute container and fill it with fresh cut flowers and some chocolates or caramels. A basket with homemade cookies or brownies. Perhaps a foodie basket, fresh herbs a bundle of pasta and homemade marinara in a mason jar? Tie with a pretty raffia or burlap bow and voila you have a super cute and thoughtful gift. Simple and sweet is the best treat for your host or hostess. Have fun and enjoy life while spreading the love and gratitude.