Monthly Archives: March 2015

Spontaneous trip to the mountains!

I made myself a promise nearly two and a half years ago when me and my daughter decided to go for happiness. I promised that I would live more, spend more time with people who matter the most to me. Make new and fun memories, be adventurous and spontaneous. That’s what life is all about, right! So I have been working a lot of hours and dealing with a lot of personal business, when I woke up one morning and said, we are going to play today. Well of course I have the best playmate ever, my boyfriend! He is adventurous and is always willing to go have a good time and he is the best person to just laugh with. We woke up early and headed up to the local mountains, it was a cool, crisp morning and the sun was shining bright, a perfect day to head to the mountains! We made it to Lake Arrowhead in about an hour and a half. We went and ate a delicious breakfast at an adorable Inn that had the best home-made breakfast and perfect coffee! After our relaxing breakfast we decided to go ride ATV’s for a couple hours. The weather was just perfect, 65 degrees! We rode through the trails with magnificent views of Lake Arrowhead, there were tranquil streams and waterfalls, I felt like I was in heaven. I needed this day in the middle of nature with my love. Even though we got mighty dusty on the trails, we didn’t care, we were in the midst of beauty with no agendas and the only thing we had to do was soak it all in. We got out of the vehicle and walked among the rocks near the crystal clear, cool water. I could live there! Someday, perhaps we should have a little place in the mountains! A girl can dream!

After our fun ride, we dusted off and headed to the other side of the mountain, Big Bear here we come! Like I said we had no agenda, just following our hearts desire. We ended up at Magic Mountain where we went on the bob sled slide, it was worth waiting in line. Of course I screamed all the way down because I was going so fast I was afraid I was going to fly off my sled! It was super fun! We had some time to spare before we headed home, so I looked up my Brother Jason. I had never met Jason before, I found out only a couple of years ago that I had a brother from another mother! He lives in Big Bear, so it was perfect, I tried to make dinner plans but he was working, so boyfriend and I went to visit my brother at his work. We knew each other right off as we have been chatting on Facebook for a while now. We have so much in common, we are a lot alike and it felt very natural. I was so happy to finally meet him! I know this will be the start to a wonderful sibling relationship! I’m so happy! I got a message from Jason when we left and he said he was so happy to finally meet me and that he couldn’t stop thinking about it! I felt the same way! Life is funny, it takes you on so many twists and turns, but we are the only ones who can determine our happy! I will never be robbed of my happy again! Happy…..Full steam ahead!

Before we headed down the mountain from our fun day, we stopped at a little Mexican Restaurant for a bite. It was okay, the company was better so it didn’t matter! When I got home I felt rejuvenated, happy and blessed. The only things that matter in this life is Love, family and friends. Love fiercely, play hard, live loyal. Everything good that you send out into the world comes back to you with buckets of goodness! Thanks for sharing my sweet little day! Don’t forget to have fun in your lives too! Hugs xoxo