BFF trip to Temecula

My best friend Jenny and I decided to take a little trip to Temecula to just get away and recharge our batteries. We both work a lot and really haven’t taken any time out to enjoy life. Stopping to smell the roses once in a while is so necessary otherwise what’s the point! So for a few days we got to be wild and free like Thelma and Louise, except for the fact we didn’t kill anyone and we didn’t drive off a cliff.

We stayed at the South Coast Winery which is beautiful and amazing. We just did whatever our little hearts desired. Our first night we decided to try our luck at the local casino Pechenga. We played some machines for a while and had a couple cocktails. Lets just say we only left with dirty fingers, haha. After that we went and had a lovely meal and decided to return to our room and relax. We are kind of Yahtzee fanatics, we play all the time. So. have Yahtzee will travel! We turned on the quaint fireplace and poured a couple cocktails and started playing round after round of the game. We really don’t need much to amuse us, we laugh for hours at ourselves just being weird. I love to just let loose and act silly, like speaking in British while playing games. We rose early the next day, enjoyed some coffee on the patio then took a nice walk through the vineyard. The weather was beautiful the sky was blue with billowing white clouds, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. After our delicious breakfast we headed over to the wonderful spa for massages. The spa at South Coast is just amazing and all the employees are so kind! We relaxed on the terrace in our cozy white robes and just chatted while we waited for our massages. Oh lord, my masseuse was amazing! I was a bit sore because I have been working out and she really worked out the kinks in my body, she then finished off with hot stones. Can I just say…Heaven! Nirvana with a hint of eucalyptus! After the massages we decided to take a swirl in the salt water spa, we were so relaxed, the stress that I was harboring just melted away. I am getting better at not allowing myself to stress so much because life is GOOD!

We went and got cleaned up and took a little trip to downtown Temecula to window shop. There weren’t many places still open, so we went back to what I call winery road and went from winery to winery and tried some different wines. There were some quaint mom and pop wineries which were my favorite, maybe because I have my own mom and pop style cupcake shop. I bought my daughter a bottle of sparkling wine, I knew she would like it because it was on the sweet side and she could add some fresh fruit to make sort of sangria like she enjoys.

We ate lunch at Ponte Winery, the meal was exquisite! They first brought out a loaf of pull apart bread that had sun-dried tomatoes in it. I normally don’t eat bread, but when in Rome…It came with a creamy dipping sauce made out of scallions with a hint of lemon. It was to die for! We split a kobe burger and harvest salad both were equally delicious! The ta da was the dessert! Yes we did! Again, when in Rome…It was a homemade apple tart with a scoop of homemade ice cream! Yummilicious, but we were good and didn’t finish and we shared.

We had a full fun day and had many laughs and absorbed the gorgeous scenery! That evening we put on our jammies and played some more rounds of Yahtzee and had a few cocktails, we also watched 50 Shades of disappointing! I can’t say I am looking forward to the release of the second film! I knew it would be terribly difficult to portray the book properly, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been shocked. Oh well, live an learn. We got to bed fairly early so we could take another morning walk in the vineyard and work off the desert! Lastly we were going horseback riding! We rented horses for 90 minutes and rode through rows and rows in the Wilson Vineyard, it was spectacular! I love horseback riding, and the horses were so sweet! They rescue horses and use them for the rentals. The horses are very well cared for you might even say spoiled! That is what I wanted to hear being the fanatical animal girl I am! I couldn’t have asked for a more fun day riding! The next day, oh boy, did my saddle hurt! It hurt for days, I had to go get another massage! haha. It was a restful, laughter filled time with my best friend and I am so glad I decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy a little life! Thanks Jen for the great time as usual! X0 till our next adventure!!!

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