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Motley Crue

First off I need to thank my special friend who was listening when I said I wanted to take my baby to see the Final Tour of Motley Crue!(I promised not to mention his/or/her name.) We are blessed beyond words for knowing you, not just because of our little treat but because of who you are!

If you know me then you know I am a die-hard Motley Crue fan! I have been a fan since the early 80’s, and it brings back fresh, vivid memories of drives to the river with friends getting crazy! I have seen them several times throughout the years, the US Festival brings back wild memories with friends, I can’t believe we survived! I very much enjoy sharing the music I love with my daughter, as I have said in previous blogs, I raised Madison on all genres of music and she knows it all. We were blessed to receive this awesome gift of a concert and dinner, so we drove down to San Diego and had a lovely, unforgettable meal at Lou & Mickey’s. Let me just tell you…OMG…Mardi Gra in your mouth. Everything from the iced tea to the entrĂ©e to dessert and coffee were phenomenal. It is the Gas Lamp district across from the Convention center. We ate our meal and enjoyed laughs about life and her plans for the future. Madison and I are extremely close, and thankfully she still likes hanging out with her old mom. After our sumptuous meal we headed to the Sleep Train amphitheater in Chula Vista to start our fun night of great music by the legendary Alice Cooper and of course Motley Crue. “All bad things must come to an end.” Tommy Lee posted a picture of a t-shirt that he hid somewhere in the amphitheater to receive free backstage passes. We looked for the clues but to no avail. It didn’t matter we were sitting fourth row on Nikki Sixx side. The atmosphere made me feel like I was in a time warp, women my age were dressed as we used to in our twenties going to a metal show, short skirts, bolt on boobs sticking out everywhere, big hair etc. It was quite the people watching adventure. Madison got a kick out of it and said, “thank God you don’t dress like that!) Haha, to each their own, no judgement here, rock on girls! The opening act was Alice Cooper and at the age of 66 he can still rock it! Madison said that this was the strangest thing she has ever seen. She enjoyed it and sang along to the songs, well, the ones she knew. The costumes, and dramatics on stage were a feast for your eyes and imagination. I bet you can guess what his final song was, right? Schools out! Every person sang their hearts out to this timeless song. We were all sweating as the night air was still in the high 80’s, luckily by the time the Crue came on it had cooled down just in time to get hot again! There was a half hour intermission so everyone can get beverage refills and take potty breaks. I couldn’t wait for the Crue to come on, and just before they did the song, So long farewell, a famous song from the musical the Sound of Music. When it came on Madison was saying what a strange song to play at a rock concert, but she also said, I bet they are going to come out now. The audience was drunk and restless with anticipation. When I say, “drunk,” I mean it in every sense of the word. The guys came out and jammed like no ones business. We were screaming and singing and clapping our hands in the air. Vince said, “How are you Mother Fuckers?!” The crowd roared! They played all of my favorites, too fast for love, shout of the devil, Kick start my heart! (kick-start is my personal favorite to jog too!) I had seen Motley two years previous at this same venue with Kiss! It was a kick ass concert, and I knew I had to go to the final show! The show was full of fire, smoke and loud booms! We got squirt by water guns from the crew, which was a pleasant surprise as it was hot and sticky out. I didn’t even mind that the drunk next to me kept spilling his beer on my feet or when he crawled over me and fell on my leg. It’s the price you pay when you sit close to the stage! Nikki was incredible as usual, interacting with the audience as he spit water into the crowd, I am glad I wasn’t sitting that close, haha. It was a bitter-sweet show for me because I followed this band since I was a teen, and now it is the end of an era. A very important era, as my friends and I listened to this music at every party, we danced, sang, wore leather and studded jewelry and of course the big hair with tons of Aqua Net. (Shhh don’t tell anyone.) I was a little disappointed because Tommy Lee didn’t have his roller coaster drums going on, and I told Madison how awesome it is to watch him play the drums upside down. He really didn’t say much until the end of the show when the band took their final farewell together. Oh well…When they left the stage I was like…that is it!!! Then a few moments later the band showed up on a grandstand in the center of the amphitheater and sang Home Sweet Home. It was a perfect ending to a fun show that I got to enjoy with the love of my life! I had an opportunity to meet Nikki Sixx a few months back at the Parlour Room in Los Angeles, I did cupcakes for ModelsNMutts and Nikki’s wife Courtney was one of the Models of the month and was the guest speaker. I can honestly say that this couple is pretty awesome! Both are so down to earth and nice, easy to talk to and are both gorgeous. They are very lucky. It would be easy to not like Courtney because she is a flawless beauty with legs as long as my body, but when you meet her she is genuine and sweet. So ladies, be kind, Courtney is one of a kind and great for Nikki. Okay, I put my two cents in about that. Rip Motley Crue, it was a fabulous run and thank you for all the awesome memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Check out Nikkis band Sixxam. They are coming out with a new album! More to come from Nikki! That is my non important two cents, but they are mine nevertheless. Rock On!!!!


Pat Benatar and Berlin at the OC Fair

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Opportunities knock and when they do you need to open the door! I made myself a promise a couple of years ago that I would not live a stagnant life, that I would lead a full and fun life no matter what negative devices are thrown at me. My very good friends Kim and Scott bought tickets to the Pat Benatar and Berlin concert at the OC Fair, my BFF Jenny and her Boyfriend were to join them, well boyfriend got called into work and voila I was invited to be her date…lol. When she called me I did not hesitate, the feeling of high school came over me as I listened to these artists growing up.

It was a very hot day luckily the evening turned out to be simply beautiful, a little warm but a perfect night under the stars. We were anticipating the great music from our pasts while the slight smell of marijuana and kettle corn tinted the air. The amphitheater was filled to capacity as Berlin took the stage, this band takes me back to 1983 driving shot-gun with my friend Lisa in her Berlinetta listening to Sex…Get it Berlin…in a Berlinetta? All of the songs by Berlin take me back to specific times in my life, incredible memories of some awesome friends that I can proudly say I am still in touch with. Songs like Metro, Sex…(I’m a), Take my breath away, Masquerade, No more words, etc. All great new wave songs that will always hold a special timeless place in my heart. Terri Nunn the lead singer still has an incredible stage presence, she is gorgeous and her pipes are still relevant! Who would ever think that Terri is 52? Not me, more like 32! She graced the stage with her dance moves and sang her heart out while me and my friends danced under the stars singing every word. Bravo Berlin!

Happy Anniversary to Pat Benatar and her Hubby Neil Giraldo! 32 years of wedded bliss was celebrated with all the fans that showed up to see this legendary performer. Just as I said about Terri Nunn, Pat Benatar is 61 years young, and she looks incredible! Work and play with Neil obviously has done their marriage good! They have a certain sweet chemistry on stage. Pat’s voice is just as flawless as it was in the 80’s and she can hold a note! It was so fun hanging with my friends, dancing and singing just like the young girls we once were. The old feelings and memories of what I was going through when certain songs were played just made me grateful that I am where I am now! I am grateful that I had this chance to listen to the beloved songs from my teenagehood, songs like, Hit me with your best shot, Love is a battlefield, We belong, heartbreaker, Invincible…etc. Awesome performance! Thank you my friends who invited me to this event! So much fun! Next….Motely Crue and Alice Cooper! The final tour of one of my favorite bands.

Tim McGraw Concert May 2014

Having a blast!

Having a blast!

#Tim McGraw

The Tim McGraw show at the Verizon in May did not disappoint! Madison and I were given tickets to enjoy this artist who we both love! We sat 3rd row and enjoyed every moment of the show from the opening acts of #Cassadee Pope and #Kip Moore, both of which were amazing. We sang along to every song until we couldn’t speak. I must say standing side by side with my daughter singing along to country music is just paradise for me! It is hard to imagine that she is going to be 21 in a few short months! I raised Madison on all kinds of music, from the Temptations, to Motley Crue to Tim McGraw etc. All of which are favorites of mine! She has true music in her veins, and music is her happy place! Back to Mr. Handsome McGraw…What an entertainer! He gives it his all, you can see in his performance how much he loves what he does, it is in his soul. Through his music and storytelling you can imagine your life in so many of the scenarios that he is singing about and it turns the music event into a experience. A part of the concert I really enjoyed was the video montage of behind the scenes and of his wife Faith Hill and daughters. On the large screen you see the love and commitment he has for his family and it makes you appreciate him not only as an artist but of a man a true man who has enormous respect for family. So all in all I would rate this concert a 10+! This is my third time seeing Tim and it certainly won’t be my last. Someday I would like to see him in concert in another state. That would be awesome…Bucket List!!! See you at the next show!