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I have finished my vision board for 2015. I am following simple daily steps to help accomplish my goals.


1. Pray when I wake up and again before I go to sleep. I thank God for all I have, my health and my loving family and friends.
2. Exercise…might be a stead fast walk with hand weights or a bike ride. I feel I do better just moving outdoors than in a gym. Sometimes a gym is fun with different classes.
3. Healthy breakfast
4. Work…(bring healthy meals and snacks to stay on track)
5. Come home…
6. Make a healthy dinner
7. Walk Amy
8. Miscellaneous housework or laundry
9. Give myself a facial

You get the point. That is just my daily goals. For my year long goals I have a different list…

I list my professional goals for success, places and people I can network with to showcase our brand.

My personal wants, healthy lifestyle. Choose outdoor activities rather than indoor ones. Hike more, bike more, walk more in different locations.

Love… spend more time with my loves which means all my favorite people in the world. Quality time, talking, laughing and planning adventures we can take together, in the desert or mountains, wherever. Just spending time with people, less texting! There is no better feeling than knowing you are loved and secure in your relationship! I love….Love!

Giving back, paying it forward. This is very important to me and always has. I want to do much more of this in 2015. I give back a lot, but there is always more that can be done. I will make time to help others more, perhaps help change some peoples lives. Be an angel to a stranger…You can too…

My vision board has little messages all over that envelop my yearly desires. Business opportunities I need to make, healthy options I need to take each and every day, goals of places we want to travel to. It should be a voice that yells at you when you look at it. YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL! YOU ARE FEARLESS! NOTHING OR NO ONE CAN STOP YOU! DO THE DREAM!

I do much better when I make the time to write my lists. If I just go by what is in my head I will talk myself out of it. I can do it tomorrow…No! If it is written down and I cross off the daily goal I feel accomplished. It works! Well that is me!

Now get off your buns and go make your 2015 vision board!

Easy Crafty Gifty Idea….Madison’s Craft


madisonsgift In todays day and age it is really difficult to buy someone a unique gift that they need or would like,  not to mention our pocket books, if you are like me then you don’t have excess amounts of funds to spend.  So one evening  I walked into Madison’s room and she was painting a canvas, I asked her what she was making and she told me a birthday gift for her best friend.  It was adorable and a perfect gift for anyone. I asked her to show me how I can make one for my Best Friend for Christmas, because this girl is impossible to buy for, so a homemade gift is just what the Doctor ordered.

What you will need for this project…

A painting canvas, ( you can choose a sweet 4×4 to a 16×16 or larger.)
Tubes of acrylic paint for the canvas ( I used black for the background and white for the writing, but you use whatever color that suits your project).

Printed Photos, trimmed and cropped to your liking.

Mod Podge

Paint brushes, a small one for the writing

Painting sponge to spread the Mod Podge.

The first thing I did was lay down a piece of plastic to protect my table.  Second step was wipe down the canvas to make sure there aren’t any particles stuck to it.  Next I chose a larger paint brush to paint on the black paint. I covered the front and the outer sides.  I waited a half hour for it to dry.  Then I arranged my photos how I wanted them on the canvas, I just did mine in a square and Madison made my Christmas Gift in a heart shape.  Whatever you want.  I then started from the center and spread a thin amount of Mod Podge on the back of the photo and gently pressed it onto the canvas.  By the way, I just printed the photos out of my printer.  After each photo was Mod Podged onto the canvas I let it sit for another half hour or so.  Then I spread with a painters sponge Mod Podge all over the photo collage.  I let that set for another half hour.  The last step was to write what I wanted on the project.  It could be whatever theme or occasion or sentiment you want to portray.

P.S.  Sorry for the photo quality, I never said I was a photographer :).

Have fun and craft a gift-away.  Karie



Memories in a bottle


Call me a sentimental love junkie. When my girlfriend Ilene, who I have known since attending Madison Elementary School a very long time ago, posted this idea on Facebook, I just loved the idea of it, and I wanted to share. She recently went on a trip with her love, she collected sand from the different beaches, dirt from the roads in different cities and states. She layered the memories in a jar. I think it is a sweet idea to collect tiny mementos from travels and adventures with your love. I am going to start doing this. My first one will be from places I visit with my number 1, my daughter Madison. One day we really want to branch out and explore the United States together. I am so blessed that she wants to spend time with me and wants to plan trips in our future. I couldn’t imagine anything better! You may or may not appreciate this idea, if you do I wish you lots of fun making and collecting little memories. XO Karie

Nifty Bathroom Decoration for dollars

lotion shelfI  needed a wall decoration for my bathroom and since I am on a budget, I just couldn’t afford go buy whatever I wanted so I took my time and scored!  I found a little shelf at a yard sale, brought it home and sanded and beat it up to give it a more distressed look.  I while strolling through Home Goods, (my favorite place to wonder around and day dream of decorating),  I came across three nice bottles of hand soap and lotions by the Hobo Company.  They look like they belong in a apothecary cabinet.  They were discounted for a couple bucks each!  Yay!  A week or so after these finds I found my final pieces to complete my project.  While at Target they had a bag of smooth earth toned pebbles discounted at $2.50 per bag.  I grabbed one and took them home and filled two glass cylinder’s I had laying around.  I hung the shelf and placed each item how I thought they looked best, and voila a new bathroom decoration that is functional and well as fashionable.  Total cost $10.50!  I got a lot of bang for my buck and that’s how I like it!  What kind of little projects can you share with me?

Hostess Gifts


Hostess gifts are a timeless and thoughtful gesture that I don’t feel is practiced or appreciated anymore. I myself, love to give a little creative something, something to the host or hostess. A lot of us are on a budget so thoughtful gifts don’t necessarily need to break the bank. You can use a basket or any cute container and fill it with fresh cut flowers and some chocolates or caramels. A basket with homemade cookies or brownies. Perhaps a foodie basket, fresh herbs a bundle of pasta and homemade marinara in a mason jar? Tie with a pretty raffia or burlap bow and voila you have a super cute and thoughtful gift. Simple and sweet is the best treat for your host or hostess. Have fun and enjoy life while spreading the love and gratitude.

Buffet Display –

Party Display

I purchased this glass case for candles. First we sawed the top off. I then had a piece of lumber cut a little bigger than the case. I matched the paint the best I could. I rough sanded it and then finished off with a citrus wood wax.

This display can be used for so many events. A picture in a frame can be showcased in the glass and a cake or cupcakes can be displayed on top. Or…a beautiful display of cut up fruit can go on the top and the inside of the case can have whole pieces of fruit. A small vase of flowers can go inside. Endless possibilities.

It was fun and easy to make. Whenever I go to a yard sale or any kind of store for that matter and I see a unique item that is very inexpensive and I can give a my creative twist to is what gets my inner “Martha” juices flowing.