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Repurposed Lamp – Drab to Fab –

lampphoto (17)

This was a fun little project. I stopped at a yard sale and found this lamp for 2 bucks. I swear I remember that lamp from my early childhood at my Booma and Boompa’s house. By the way that is Grandma and Grandpa :) I made that up when I was learning to talk. Anyway, back to my project. I had chalk paint, which is what I used for the base. The texture of the paint is really nice and easy to use. I had a 40% coupon for Hobby Lobby and bought a lamp shade. I decorated it with burlap ribbon I already had at home along with a silk flower. The sweet plaque hanging from the neck of the lamp I got for $1.00. So pretty much I decorated with dollars. This lamp is for sale as well. Let me know if you are interested. Have a prisstacular day!

Repurposed Table – Yard sale find.


Okay, so I am a dodo sometimes. I forgot to photograph the before shot of this first attempt to repurpose a table. Just know that it was really plain Jane, a raw wood table. The green paint really appealed to me this particular day. I still like it and am proud of my little table.

I rough sanded the entire table, cleaned it with a damp cloth and let it dry for an hour or so.
I then used a oil based primer, I used the primer sparingly, a thin coat was all it needed. I let it dry over night.
I applied a thin coat of the green paint and let it dry overnight. I applied another thin coat the next day.
I sanded around edges to give it a slight distressed look. I wiped it clean then applied the Citrus polish wax. after the wax clouded up I buffed the wax out. It leaves a nice smooth touch.  This piece if for sale…make me an offer.

French Provincial Night stand turned “Shabby Chic”


I was busy at work and a friend called and said you need to get to Harbor City, my friend is having a yard sale! I said save stuff for me! She knows I enjoy repurposing wood furniture as a hobby or for lack of a better term…Therapy! She was right, there was great wood furniture that was 50 years old so. When anyone wanted to buy a piece she either sat on it or said it was sold. She is so funny and I am so grateful, because I got a truck load of furniture for $100.00. I save all my coins and roll them up to use for yard sale finds, my little savings really paid off! I have a set of night stands that I am repurposing shabby chic style, here is the before and after photo of the project. I still need to do the dresser with mirror and headboard. I can’t wait to see the end result! Here is how I did it.

First I sanded down the entire piece, not all the way down, but put some grit on it.
Then I wiped it down thoroughly with a damp cloth. I let it dry for about and hour.
I applied a thin coat of an oil based primer.
Let that dry a couple hours.
Then I applied Americana Décor Chalky finish paint. I applied very thin coats going with the grain. I let it dry over night then applied another thin coat and let it dry over night again.
Once the piece was completely dry I took sandpaper pieces and sanded in places where it would naturally get distressed or where I thought distressing would look good.
The last step was to apply Citrus Shield premium paste wax. You apply a small amount and wait till it clouds up then you buff it out.
Voila…you have a shabby chic piece of furniture! And it cost less than a therapist! It goes great with a nice glass of wine! :)