Courtney Sixx ladies luncheon to benefit


sixx2sixx3sixx5sixx6sixx7sixx8sixx9sixx1I admit I am a little behind on my blogging :/.   I woke up this morning with one of those feelings inside….like a renewed feeling?  You know that feeling I am talking about?  I feel inspired and free like all the negative vibes from yester years have magically dissipated.  Peaceful… a simple happy defines it best I believe.

I wanted to share a lovely afternoon I enjoyed a while back.  Courtney Sixx invited me to a ladies luncheon at her home that was benefiting  Bright Pink is on a mission…”Be Brilliant, Be Bold, Be Bright Pink!  Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization that focuses on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support for high-risk individuals.”

Courtney was at an intermix event in Brentwood and heard about Bright Pink and decided to find out more about the organization and become involved.  Courtney is no stranger to Cancer.  Her mother is a ovarian cancer survivor and her grandmother had breast cancer.  I had an opportunity to meet Courtney’s mother and have a lovely chat, she is a very sweet woman!  If those aren’t reasons enough to become involved with cancer prevention I don’t know what is.

I pulled through the beautiful gates in Westlake Village, and made my way to the Sixx Residence, Nikki and Courtney recently purchased the magnificent home.  I was greeted by Courtney who was doing some last-minute touches.  She had French music flowing through the speakers in the gorgeous backyard.  The table settings were impeccable and boasted of excellent taste.

Courtney throws a fabulous luncheon, h’ourderves were made by the renowned caterer AC Events.  They are the same caterers that were responsible for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding spread.  Strawberry Mojitos were Courtney’s signature cocktail for the day, or champagne and other cocktails were available.

I met some amazing people on this beautiful day.  Some very amazing women who are smart, talented and inspiring.  I met the beautiful Susan Holmes McKagen, wife of Duff McKagen.  Susan is an international model who turned swimsuit designer mogul.  She is a lovely woman who makes me want to keep going after my dreams.  I also met Gretchen Rossi, she too is a super nice and beautiful woman.  She has the Gretchen Christine line, which includes, make up, clothing, handbags etc.  Talk about a go getter.  I was impressed by how down to earth everyone was and how friendly.

Now for Miss entrepreneur herself,  Courtney is the How2girl.  Check out Courtney’ s web site,  This is a DIY guide to everything fabulous.  Courtney also has a radio show on iHeart.  She is a very busy girl, and a newlywed to Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue.  What an amazing couple they make, you can see the happiness in Courtney’s eyes.

Courtney asked her guests to bring gently used clothing, handbags, jewelry, etc. that she can auction off to benefit Be Bright Pink.  Her friends did not let down, the items that were donated were gorgeous designer pieces that any sane woman would kill to have.  Haha, but this is for such a great cause!  Through Courtney’s efforts and her friends donations she raised $12,500.  Just from a nice afternoon of fun!

I made cupcakes for the guests that were simply adorable if I don’t say so myself.  Miss Priss Cupcakes and Such is always happy to lend a hand to help out charities.  (Especially one that is Pink).

Thank you Courtney for inviting me to your lovely home, it was an honor.  I had a wonderful time seeing you again and meeting your friends!  Xo

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