Happy New Year!

Happy 2015 Friends! I don’t know about you, but I have a strong and good feeling about the opportunities that are available to me this year if I just MAKE myself available to JUST DO IT. We sometimes hold ourselves back due to fear of failing, and of succeeding. It sounds a bit silly but its true. I know many people who hold themselves back, and once they let go and go for it, they always want to kick themselves because time, and sometimes years were wasted contemplating the notion of taking action. I know I for sure am guilty of this. Execution is my motto this year, taking action without regret. I really haven’t made any resolutions in particular, but I have made myself a promise that I intend to keep and that is to maintain the new-found happiness and peace I have in my life. I will never let someone dictate how my life will be lived or what the terms of my happiness will be. When you completely let go, the feeling of being free from purgatory is serendipitous! My daughter was just mentioning the same thing to me when we sat down for a New Years Day breakfast. She has never felt more secure and eager to build her future. She is so excited about finishing college and taking the next steps with her goals in life. We have had obstacles, but we just dealt with them with dignity and knowledge that one day the past will be just that. No mother could ever be more proud of the strong, beautiful and independent daughter I have had the privilege of watching grow and turn into an amazing woman. We can learn a lot from our children! They give a fresh perspective to problem solving and sometimes teach us what is really important in life.

I am curious, what do you do to execute your goals? What are your goals for this year? I use the word goal rather than resolution. Resolutions are typically broken. Do you want to lose weight, quit bad habits, be a nicer person, get a better job? How will you go about making the goal a reality….or should I say…A SUCCESS!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Jeannie Alford

    Great read. Loved all you said. You my Dear are a blessing to your mom.!!!! She is as proud of you as you are of Madison. So smile away today cuz you deserve it.!

    Much Love

  2. Karie Post author

    Thank you, that means a lot! Sometimes I get in my own head and just blurt out words. I figure many people feel the same and have gone through bad periods in their lives that they wish they could erase, but that which does not kill us has mad us stronger. So for that I am grateful!
    Than you for the continued support!


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