Madison Ivy

In November we celebrated my daughter’s 21st birthday. I cannot believe my baby girl is a grown woman! Madison has been the light of my life even before she was born. Giving birth to Madison was literally a miracle. If it weren’t for modern medical technology, she would not be here with me today. I relished watching this little angel grow up before my eyes, she was a smart and funny little toddler. She was downloading games on the computer at 2. Her favorite things growing up were books, she never went anywhere without them. She quickly learned to read, and asked endless questions. Madison excelled in school and was tested to be a gate child. This is when the child is above average in the grade, and schools group these children in classes where they are at the same level and can be taught at the pace which will keep them interested and learning. Madison excelled all throughout school and graduated with many honors. She then got accepted into Loyola Marymount University, we loved the campus and the professors were all exceptional. She did very well her freshman and sophomore years. When it came time for her Junior year, we could no longer afford this prestigious university nor were we approved for more student loans. She was devastated! She worked her whole life to experience the university life. She has no regrets, she is happy! She is finishing her College years at Cal State Long Beach. What can I say? I’m a proud mom, and I know I gush over Madison, I can’t help it! I would never sacrifice a moment in Madison’s life. You can’t put a dollar amount on that! Fact! Love you forever Wubbie! Next? Many adventures together, love, laughter and peace of mind!

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