My Famous Fresh Salsa

image This is my award-winning salsa. I always make it for all my friends and family! Isn’t it funny how it is the same ingredients typically and each person makes it so different. Here are my ingredients, and the process which is super easy! I hope you enjoy it with the special people in your life as I do. Bon Appetite!


2 plastic containers of Campari Tomatoes
1/2 Sweet onion (finely minced)
3-4 Serrano Chilis (finely minced) more or less depending on your level of heat. I like it hot!
1/2 cup of chopped fresh cilantro
squeeze of fresh lime
garlic salt to taste
salt to taste

slice tomatoes very thin and chop into tiny pieces. Add the rest of the chopped and minced ingredients. Add a little of the salts and taste as you go. You don’t want to over salt this fresh and tasty salsa. Sometimes I add cubes of Avocado! It is yummilicious either way. So enjoy!!!! Goes great with an ice-cold summer beverage of your choice.

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