I have finished my vision board for 2015. I am following simple daily steps to help accomplish my goals.


1. Pray when I wake up and again before I go to sleep. I thank God for all I have, my health and my loving family and friends.
2. Exercise…might be a stead fast walk with hand weights or a bike ride. I feel I do better just moving outdoors than in a gym. Sometimes a gym is fun with different classes.
3. Healthy breakfast
4. Work…(bring healthy meals and snacks to stay on track)
5. Come home…
6. Make a healthy dinner
7. Walk Amy
8. Miscellaneous housework or laundry
9. Give myself a facial

You get the point. That is just my daily goals. For my year long goals I have a different list…

I list my professional goals for success, places and people I can network with to showcase our brand.

My personal wants, healthy lifestyle. Choose outdoor activities rather than indoor ones. Hike more, bike more, walk more in different locations.

Love… spend more time with my loves which means all my favorite people in the world. Quality time, talking, laughing and planning adventures we can take together, in the desert or mountains, wherever. Just spending time with people, less texting! There is no better feeling than knowing you are loved and secure in your relationship! I love….Love!

Giving back, paying it forward. This is very important to me and always has. I want to do much more of this in 2015. I give back a lot, but there is always more that can be done. I will make time to help others more, perhaps help change some peoples lives. Be an angel to a stranger…You can too…

My vision board has little messages all over that envelop my yearly desires. Business opportunities I need to make, healthy options I need to take each and every day, goals of places we want to travel to. It should be a voice that yells at you when you look at it. YOU CAN DO THIS GIRL! YOU ARE FEARLESS! NOTHING OR NO ONE CAN STOP YOU! DO THE DREAM!

I do much better when I make the time to write my lists. If I just go by what is in my head I will talk myself out of it. I can do it tomorrow…No! If it is written down and I cross off the daily goal I feel accomplished. It works! Well that is me!

Now get off your buns and go make your 2015 vision board!

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