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Linda Palmer-Cardone Interview

ourfathergroupphoto_2photo_1 I was honored to be able to interview the talented Linda Palmer-Cardone for my Inspiring person for July. It was a great treat to pick the mind of someone I admire so much! I met Linda last October 2013. A longtime friend of mine, Chris Clad, did still photography for a couple of Linda’s films and he introduced us. Linda’s film Halloween Party was released and they had a screening in Long Beach. Linda and her husband Mark both love Halloween; they were even married on Halloween. I had the priviledge of making their wedding cake. Mark complimented me by saying the cake was, “Epic!” That made my heart happy; making a cake for someone on such an important day does bring the stress level up. Thankfully they loved it! Linda and I casually spoke at her quaint kitchen table in Belmont Shores. She graciously allowed me to ask whatever I wanted. My main focus was her inspiration and drive to do what she does for a living. Linda created Runaway Productions. I asked her how she came up with the name and she told me she ran away from home when she was 15 years old. She lived with a family friend until she graduated high school. This is when Runaway Productions was born. I did not want to pry into why she was a runaway because I didn’t feel it was pertinent to my interview and frankly none of our business. Linda was working with Children of the Night, a non-profit that helps get kids off the streets and protects them from sex trafficking, prostitution and many other elicit crimes. Her first production experience was producing PSA’s, (Public Safety Announcements), which she did for Children of the Night. Linda did eight episodes for the non-profit based out of Los Angeles. She learned commercial production from UCLA extension courses. First, she produced commercials and industrials who needed training videos or for businesses and restaurants. Linda’s work grew from there. She has written many features, and a couple shorts. I have viewed one short in particular, “Our Father,” which stars Michael Gross from Family Ties, and Michael Worth who has acted in many films such as God’s Ears and War Wolves and from what I have seen it is gripping and moving. It is my opinion that it will do very well in the film festivals! I dropped off some cupcakes one day while shooting and got the opportunity to meet a lot of the cast and crew, and I must say everyone involved was so kind! I could tell they all were happy being part of the production. I know I am! I asked how she retrieves her ideas for a film and she said it can be from something someone says, or something she reads or from television. When a little seed comes to her she waits to see if it stays with her a couple days; if it does she will write a 1-3 page synopsis, and if it’s still stewing then she will write a 30 page treatment. From there she writes scenes to see if it has legs. Linda’s strength is not necessarily directing; she believes her strength is coming up with ideas that have commercial viability. She likes strong ensemble films such as Breakfast Club, St. Elmo’s Fire. and The Big Chill. These films were all favorites of mine growing up! It’s kind of strange that she is doing a short. However, Our Father can be written easily into a feature and hopefully it will. The story of Our Father, is a personal story from within her family. Here is the synopsis…”A heartbreaking and provocative story set in the confines of a small bathroom, as Jared’s world gets smaller and more controlled by a man he doesn’t know. His Dementia stricken father, John. In the midst of the insanity, discarding and cleansing, a brief moment of clarity offers John the portal to share his past terrors and agony, and in so doing gives Jared and the rest of the family a place to start healing. Kate, Jared’s supportive yet assertive wife gives him some reprieve by taking control of John’s bullying while their son, Danny adds a tender humility and shows a strength beyond what anyone expects in a teenager taking care of a monster.” Because Linda just completed filming Halloween Party when she began production on Our Father, she needed to fundraise to pay for the expenses that go along with filming. She learned that by fundraising in this manner, opened up a portal for spreading the word on her work and projects. Donations came pouring in and mainly from people who have loved ones with Dementia or Alzheimers. Linda was surprised with a outpouring of emotional and financial support to make this powerful film. I got to hear the original song that was made for the film and I just have to say that is what gave me goose bumps. It was perfect! Writing and producing is her passion, while directing just fell into her lap. Linda wasn’t comfortable with directing in the beginning, but has learned to trust herself and her vision. She wants to have fun and not be overwhelmed. Linda believes that anyone who has a passion for writing, producing or directing should enroll in Screenwriting U. It trains people how to write, pitch and sell the work. A co-producer of Our Father, Guy Grossman runs Screenwriting U as well. She couldn’t say enough great things about the course. Linda’s next project is…”Last call at Murray’s.” Stay tuned!

Thank you Linda for sharing a part of yourself and your vision with me. I am inspired and honored to be considered a friend of yours. I am rooting for your film to kill it at the Film Festivals! Sending positive vibes and prayers! Thank you, Thank you!

My juices start flowing and I get excited when it comes to writing stories. Linda and I both agree if you are gifted and have the passion you should follow your dreams. We chatted about our daughters and how we have the same belief that one of the ways to be happy in this crazy world is to make sure you can make your work your passion, otherwise its just a job.